Monday, December 2, 2013

Homeless Hat

I'm not having the best of luck with my Christmas knitting. I won't even get into the hat that I got two inches into and then had to rip out and start all over. Or the yarn I bought that isn't going to work for the project I bought it for. Yeah, it's been that kind of year.

It's been a hat year. I already showed off the shark hat (which came out really nice). Then I started working on the Amstel Hat. I liked it. But about halfway through it, I knew it wasn't going to work for its intended recipient. It just wasn't her.

So, all subtle at Thanksgiving, I asked my niece if she wanted me to knit her something this year. It's not exactly her color, but it's more her style. But she's not interested. She'd rather have...books. Gasp.

(Okay, books are good. I'm glad she's a voracious reader. But come on! Who wouldn't want me to knit for them?)

So, I've got this lovely hat. It's finished. And I don't have a soul to give it to.

(I suppose I could keep it for myself, but it's not really my color.)

(I could also really use a hat model.)


  1. Crazy kids. I mean, who would want books over clothing. *sitting on hands* ;)

  2. Perhaps a hospital or clinic near you has people who are going through chemotherapy? Otherwise, donating it to someone might be a good idea.

    It's a good hat. Hate to see it go to waste.

    1. I'll probably donate it somewhere. Although, it's not very soft, so I don't know if chemotherapy patients would be the ideal recipient.

  3. Cute hat! I love both books and hats and don't think anyone should be forced to choose one over the other. That said, I'm prone to ungovernable hat hair.

    VR Barkowski

  4. I think it's cute, and I love the color. You should do a giveaway or sell it on your Etsy.


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