Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Brag Post

The beginning of December was cold for us. (Not as cold as the rest of the country, of course, but cold for us in Southern California.) I didn't mind so much. It meant my Christmas presents would be appreciated.

Then we got a warm up.

Yeah, Christmas Day it hovered somewhere in the 80s. Degrees. Fahrenheit.

My three-year-old nephew wasn't much into the shark hat I knit him. Sigh.

However, the eight-year-old nephew liked it quite a lot. (I made each of them one.)

The other two nephews (yep, I've got four nephews) turned eight-months-old on Christmas. They got something a little more appropriate

Then their mother told me in conversation that her wrists get cold in the winter (when we're having winter weather), so I knew just what to knit her.

I also made her a pair in black, but I neglected to get a picture of them.

And finally, I made a hat.

Which deserves it's own blog post considering all the mistakes I made on it.

I included Ravelry links to all the patterns I used, in case there are any knitters (or crocheters in the case of the twins' gifts) who are interested. A couple of the patterns were free online. A couple came out of magazines that I have.


  1. Oh, look how cute! That should keep you warm. In those frigid 80 degree temperatures.

    Shark hats are so cool.

  2. Oh my goodness, those are amazing! My boys would totally freak out over the shark hat. I'm totally freaking out over the shark hat. Too adorable!


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