Friday, December 6, 2013

Soggy Chips

Oh, I really can't let this week pass without relating one Thanksgiving story. I just can't.

I was sitting at the dining table with my three-year-old nephew Rambo (not his real name. His mother has given all her children online nicknames, so I'll stick with it). We were both munching on chips. Because, that's what you do when you're waiting for dinner, you fill up on snacks.

Rambo dunked his chip in his mother's salsa. He took a tentative bite, and decided that the salsa was too spicy. Or something. He didn't like it.

Not that I blame him. I'm not a fan of salsa.

Anyway, I figured he'd put his chip down and eat another plain chip. But no. He explained to me that he was going to "wash off" the his water cup.

This did not sound like a good idea to me, but I was fascinated nonetheless. Rambo is not one to take well-meaning advice. I thought about explaining how the salsa would now be in his water. I thought about how he's a bit clumsy (well, he's 3). Instead of saying anything, I just watched.

Rambo dipped his chip carefully in the water. He pulled the chip out to take a bite...of water logged chip. He made a face.

Yeah, I could have told him that would happen.

But instead of going to the other chips in his bowl, he lifted his water cup, and he somehow ended up pouring a bit of water into the bowl. (3-year-old. Clumsy.) Making all the chips now soggy.

I waited to see if he'd go for the other chips. It was at about this point that he lost interest in the chips. He left the table and went to do other things. Ah, the attention span of a three-year-old.

He never did taste the salsa-flavored water.


  1. The best part is that it probably made perfect sense to him, but there's no way we could comprehend his logic. Little kids are amazing that way.

  2. Lol. Kids! Sometimes it's better to let them learn by their own experience, eh?

  3. Yep, now he's learned that water and chips don't mix - but he may have to learn later about salsa in the water...


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