Thursday, December 26, 2013

Parallel Lives

Quantum particles can be in two places at once. They say people can't be.

But what if...?

What if we had two separate existences that we lived at the same time, only we are unaware of the other when we're not there? What if we somehow became aware?


  1. This begs a lot of questions. Would it be like us going to sleep during one life and waking up in another? Would people notice one of me being gone? If I was aware of it, would my consciousness be split so I'm having two experiences at once?

  2. Fascinating concept...parallel universes. It is interesting. Star Trek has done it and Twilight Zone I think. There have been times, and this is going to sound wierd, I have even sensed it.

    1. They've done parallel universes to death (I think every sci fi show has done at least one episode on the concept) but have they done parallel lives?

  3. Fringe sort of did this, and in an interesting way, i thought.

  4. Imagine if you could make different choices and see how they'd play out.


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