Thursday, December 19, 2013

Lack of Imagination

So, I was watching something-or-other, but not really watching it while I was doing something else. It was science-y. And some of the things they were doing seemed science-fiction-y to me. And it got me thinking...

A lot of the things that are real now were imagined by someone in the past. It took time and effort to come up with them. Some things that seemed so out there in stories told by writers in the past are now almost commonplace. Our stories give us so much, even though they also give us TV and too much time spent watching other people's stories.

Which led to the question of imagination. We, as a people, clearly have one, if some individuals may not.

What if imagination was something that people feared? What if stories were forbidden? What sort of a people would we be?


  1. without imagination we would be very dull. Master Lu-tsu said, "One cannot be without imaginings. Should one not breathe? One cannot do without breathing."

  2. Good point and interesting questions. I often wonder what someone from a couple hundred years ago would think of my average day and then I wonder what I would think of how things would be years from now. I'm glad imagination is not feared!


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