Monday, December 16, 2013

Trouble Noted

Most teachers leave me seating charts. Some make notations.

It was 6th period. They were just arriving. One student claimed he didn't know where his seat was.

I asked for his name. "Elliot." I pointed out where Elliot sat. "Oh, there's really an Elliot in here?" Which meant his name wasn't Elliot. Then who was he? He was unwilling to say, so he leaned over and peeked at the seating chart.

"What does that circle mean?"

His name was circled. At the top of the page, also circled, was TROUBLE.

He wasn't supposed to see that. And he was offended.

He went on a little tirade. "But she likes me. She's my second mother. She says she likes teaching and she likes students and..."

Not five minutes later another student approached me. He said he needed a health office pass as he had a headache. (I believe him as he didn't look so good.) As I wrote his pass, he leaned over and peeked at the seating chart.

"She what?"

His name was circled, too. He was quicker figuring it out.

Here's the funny part: the seating chart had exactly two names circled for all the classes. Two. All day, I only had two students peek at the chart. The only two who should not have seen the notation.


And yes, they were as advertised.


  1. "Oh, there's really an Elliot in here?"

    I am laughing so hard right now.

    After I left teaching, I went back a couple of times to sub and was always given a list of students along with a physical and behavioral description. Needed it every time because every time they'd try to convince me they were someone else.

    Gotta love their creativity.

  2. Yes, I'm sure they were just SHOCKED to find themselves circled. They're obviously not the type to get into trouble, like peeking at the sub's notes.

  3. Good thing you have a sense of humor!!

  4. Yeah, sure, coincidence. Uh huh. I doubt either was surprised. Sounds as if this wasn't their first go around with a sub. Poor Liz!

    VR Barkowski

  5. LOL! I don't know that I'd ever be so bold as to label a kid "trouble," but goodness, if it fits...


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