Monday, December 23, 2013

Busy Knitting

I've mentioned before that I write these posts ahead, haven't I? So, while you're reading this (thank you for stopping by this holiday week, by the way), I'll be busily trying to finish the last of my Christmas knitting/crocheting. Because even though I knew what I was going to be making everyone, I took a very long time getting started on it.

I may have mentioned that I contribute to Unicorn Bell from time to time. They're looking for a new moderator. If you'd be interested in joining us, Charity has explained the requirements much better than I could.

How's your Christmas shopping coming along (assuming you celebrate)?


  1. The shopping is done. It's the other Christmas preparations that have got me busy. Thankfully we can schedule our posts ahead of time (and I still hardly did anything for tomorrow :).

  2. I finished shopping and wrapping a week or two ago, so I'm taking it easy this week. I'm also off from work and will be going out for Christmas (I don't cook).

    Happy holidays.


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