Friday, December 13, 2013


"I got in trouble the last time you were here."

I nodded at the girl. I was glad to know the teacher took action with regards to my note.

The girl's actions were so memorable I already recounted them on the blog. She had asked if she could nap after her quiz, so she stretched out on the floor of the classroom.

Apparently, there had been a reckoning on Monday after I covered the class. Their behavior, while still not ideal, wasn't nearly as bad as it had been the last time I covered.

But the girl didn't come up to talk to me just because of the trouble. She wanted to set her wallet up near me so it wouldn't get stolen by her classmates. She claimed the wallet contained $300, and she thought that someone would try to take it from her if it wasn't safeguarded.

There are many things wrong with this picture, not the least of which is why she'd allegedly be bringing $300 in cash to school. (I have no idea if the wallet contained said amount. I did not check.) And considering how I'd informed the teacher about her behavior last time, she trusted me? But the class was crazy, and I was trying to get things started, so I set the wallet aside where no students would get to it, and I started class.

I forgot about the wallet. So did she. She had to return after she had left because she left it behind.

No one touched the wallet during class. Not even me. But still, I wonder...

But then again, she didn't seem like the sort of person who thinks things through well. I'm sure what I'm thinking never occurred to her. I hope.

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  1. You told on her, but you're a teacher. It's kind of expected. And you're clearly not the type to take money from a student. (300 dollars! I can't believe she'd risk bringing that to school)


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