Wednesday, December 19, 2018

A Bonus Day

In a typical six-period school day, I cover five classes and have one period off. However, lately, more often than not, I'm asked to cover a class for that conference period.

Don't worry. I do get paid for this. In fact, once I've covered enough "extra" periods to equal hours in a day, I get paid a "bonus" day.

It was Tuesday. I was covering an English class. And, for the first time in a week and a half, I was looking forward to a prep period.

I had had days where the teacher doesn't have a prep period (they get paid for that extra hour, too) and days where I had been asked to cover a different class. I also had a day where I got off early as the teacher's prep period is the last period of the day. Getting out early is nice, but I don't get that break.

I was itching for a day to just sit for an hour. (And read blogs. Seriously, I usually spend prep periods caching up on emails and blogs.)

"My" prep period was fifth period. I had logged onto the computer and had answered a couple emails. Then the phone rang.

I cursed out loud.

I checked the caller ID. It was her. The secretary in charge of subs. I considered not answering...

It turned out she was looking for the co-teacher's sub from the previous period. Whew. I didn't know where he was, but at least she wasn't looking for me.

But then she called right back. I had a prep. Could I cover an extra period...?

I swore aloud again. After I hung up the phone.

It wasn't a hard period. Geography. One student "performed" for the class. (An email all about him to his teacher garnered a response of "he just returned from a classroom suspension for just that behavior" and the teacher would deal with him.)

It was just that I was looking forward to a period off. Sigh.

On the bright side, that was the last period I needed to complete a bonus day. So, feel free to chide me for moaning and complaining about it.

(I did not get a prep period at all last week. Sigh. That's what happens during the busy time. So, as of "press time", I have a day and a half of "bonus" pay for the month.)


  1. When do you get to go to the bathroom?!

    A Dr. once said that teachers have the worst bladders. Too many hours just "holding it."

    1. Snack break and lunch break. We get a break every 2-3 hours.

  2. That does suck when you're planning on some down time and it just doesn't happen. Besides, I can't imagine dealing with kids for six-seven hours straight without a mental break.

  3. Ah, I feel you. I get those times when you're really looking forward to taking a break and something else swoops in to take that up. Glad you earned your bonus day, though.

    1. Yeah, it's the worst when I think I'm going to get it, and then I get a call at that last minute.

  4. Complain all you want! It can be so exhausting when you don't have time to just sit and rest for a little while.

  5. But perhaps it is good this time of year to be so busy with work in case you need some extra holiday money?


  6. Pretty sweet perks! But I won't deride you as I'm living the life of a house cat, basically. ~grin~ Early retirement has been so awesome. Take care!

    1. Thanks. (And as of right now, I just got my second bonus day for the month. Woo hoo!)


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