Thursday, December 27, 2018

Looking at Christmas Lights on the Water

It's been a few years since I last did the Cruise of Lights. It's one of the things I look forward to in December, but various reasons had us missing doing this the last couple of years.

The cruise is about a half hour. We went on the first cruise of the night, starting at about 5:30 PM. We had good weather as it was only about 60 degrees. (It can get chilly, depending.)

The last time I did this, I had a whole lot of blurry images. This time I thought taking video would work better. The results were meh. People walking in front of the camera blocked out a bit. And we ended up at the stern of the boat, so I didn't get great straight-on images.

I thought I'd share a few of the videos. They are all very short. I think my longest might be two minutes (and I don't think I'm going to try uploading it.) But I have no idea if this will work.

First up, I like the line up of all these trees...

The theme was outer space related, so there was a definite space theme going. This house did Star Wars...

And another, this one with planets...

A couple nice houses next to each other...

And "the best tribute to the holiday season"...

I hope you enjoyed. (I hope the video worked.)


  1. Looks like you had a nice cruise. That last house is very bright ...

  2. I would definitely do a cruise like this, at least once. You have a steady hand with the camera.

  3. Now I need to add that to my bucket list and cruise to look at all the lights.
    Coffee is on

  4. Beautiful, and I would consider 60 degrees just right. Never been on this type of cruise. Yes, your videos worked just fine.

  5. Just think of all the work that goes into decorating these houses! Do they still do the cruises if it is raining?


  6. Sorry for being gone so long but got very sick and still am but on the mend. These are some great houses and it just shows how much people love Christmas and showing their skill with lights

    1. I hope you had a great Christmas and the kids liked what you knitted....I’m certain they did.

    2. I've been sick, too. I'd say sorry for giving it to you, but I don't think my germs are that strong ;)

      As for my Christmas knitting, I'm still doing it. No gifts have been given as of yet. Yes, I know, very late.


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