Thursday, December 13, 2018

The Challenge

Last Thursday it rained. A lot.

The rain was pretty steady all day, and it had the students in a mood. Especially at the continuation high school.

Second period. English. Most of the students were on task, or at least making a pretense of doing their work. However, a couple frequent fliers seated right by the teacher's desk spent the period avoiding work.

I've mentioned Jason before. I have no idea if he ever figured out how to write a music review, but he's still trying to promote his album. It's on SoundCloud and all major outlets. He told me this several times.

Mitchell hasn't made the blog before. I've never seen him do a lick of schoolwork. Every time I see him he's "taking the day off". He was in the CAD class in August. Yup, he took the month of August off. Yet, somehow he claims to be within three credits of going back to his home school for second semester. In about a month, I'll know if this is a true statement.

So, it was raining. I had the door open, mostly because I like to watch the rain. But when it went from light to a bit heavier, Jason couldn't resist and ran outside.

Mitchell followed, ostensibly to bring him back.

Jason was disappointed he wasn't more wet. At least he wasn't looking to go back out.

But Mitchell spied a puddle, and he wanted someone (not him) to slide through it. Jason wasn't interested. Mitchell attempted to entice a couple other (quiet) students. He offered a bribe. No takers.

Then Mitchell turned to me. Would I go run through a puddle for $100?

My no needed a reason, he said.

I pleaded illness. I had a low level cold since the weekend. Not enough to stay home, but enough that I was taking it easy.

The conversation then turned to my car. (A comment that $100 could pay my insurance is how that started.)

But the point of all this is a warning. In case any of you are ever tempted to take a teen challenge--don't. Because I don't for a minute believe that Mitchell actually had $100 and/or that he would have paid up had I taken the challenge.

Besides, it was idiotic anyway.


  1. Tell him you won't report him to the teacher if he doesn't slide through the puddle or get anyone else to do so.

  2. If I was to take the dare, which like you, I wouldn't, I think they would have to show me the money first :)


  3. one interest with a bribe...
    hope, you will be feeling better soon with your low level cold.

    have a great day

  4. I like the comment above--yep, show me the $!

    1. Yup. And even then, I wouldn't trust Mitchell to pay out.

  5. I got nothin'. ~shakes head~ Hope you're feeling better!

  6. Ha, yeah, I know working adults who don't have $100 to spare. I doubt most kids would have that cash available to hand over for a dare. :)

    I came down with a cold on Tuesday too. I hope we both get better soon!

    1. Thanks. Now it's mostly a lingering cough (that gets insistent at about 2 AM).

  7. LOL idiotic does sum that up. Boo on feeling poorly :(

  8. You got rain! We finally saw rain last night. I'm disappointed that's it.


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