Monday, October 29, 2012

Not So Crocodile

It's finally finished. What do you think?

According to Ravelry, I started this back on May 7th. I haven't been working on it nonstop. Once the heat of summer really hit, I set it aside. I just picked it up again about three weeks ago, when sitting under the fabric stopped being crazy uncomfortable.

Now it's finished, just in time for the weather to warm up again. Sigh.

Once I bound the thing off, I tried it on and got a good look at myself in the mirror. And found that this thing looks like a British barrister's wig. Double sigh.

Ah well. I learned a lot from making it. I was going to post how I did it, but I don't think anyone is going to much care. (Although, if you would like me to post the pattern, I will. Just let me know in the comments.)


  1. It's pretty. =) You know time flies and the seasons change so quickly. Kudos for finishing a project. I think we all have too many of those sitting around waiting for attention.

  2. I love the color, and I think it's really nicely done. I especially like the ruffle-like edge to it (I have no idea what that might be called). Great job.

  3. It looks really pretty. I have absolutely no knitting skills (much to my mother's disappointment— she's a master) but I always appreciate the effort that goes into it.


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