Thursday, October 11, 2012

Computer Intelligence

When I started my Thursday what ifs, I explained that I use these as jumping off points for my stories.

This particular "what if?" is a part of a story that I've been kicking around for a couple years. One of these days, I may even write some of it down.

What if there was a way to upload a human consciousness into a computer? Would this be preferable to creating artificial intelligences? Would the person who was uploaded survive the process? 


  1. Futurama kind of does this with their cartoon and the heads that are in jars. It's kind of interesting. Do you watch Futurama?

  2. I heard they're actually trying to do something similar to this with honeybees--"uploading" the mind of a normal bee into a robot created to simulate it.

  3. Is our self the collection of information in our brain or can it be transferred to a proxy? Would there then be two of the people or just one and one computer?

    I think that if it every piece of information was transferred, they would indeed be different because the second the upload was complete, they are different. Or something. I'll have to give this more thought.


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