Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Great Intelligence

The other day I went looking through some old files looking for a story idea. (I wrote down a bunch of story ideas ages ago, and I needed to see what I had come up with for one particular one.) Eventually, I found it.

But, while I was looking, I ran across an old "what if?" of mine. I knew I had to share it. I don't remember when or how this came to me, so I'm just going to post what I found.

What if the big bang and all subsequent ordering of the universe was done by some great intelligence (or several great intelligences)? What if they got bored by their new toy? What if they saw the Earth and thought, “hey, wouldn’t that be fun to play on”? And then what if that was the genesis of life on earth?


  1. A designer universe. I like that a lot. It's the concept I went with when writing my book, "Slipstream."

  2. That's a cool what if. I think an intelligence like that would be close to impossible for us to understand, but it's interesting to try.


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