Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Better Late Than Never

I've been a bad blogger lately. I've been scheduling my blogs way in advance, and then I get so slammed during the week that I haven't had much of a chance to do much except scroll through all your blogs and make the occasional comment. Because of this, I've missed out on some announcements.

Better late than never, right?

First up, Sharon Bayless has started up The Blog Tour Exchange. It's a place where you can sign up your blog to host future blog tours and where you can set up your future blog tours. Check it out. She has a contest going, and you can enter as long as you sign up by November 1st.

And of course I missed Charity Bradford's cover reveal on October 1st. (I'm 21 days late. Eeek!)

By the time you see this, I'm sure I'll have missed some other major events in the blogosphere. School gets into full swing and I get swamped. This is normal for me.

Oh, and I won a copy of PT Dilloway's new book Tales of the Scarlet Knight: A Hero's Journey. So, when I have a spare moment, I'll be reading.


  1. I think you've been doing okay as a blogger. I should design a banner for you. Not saying that yours isn't good. It gets the message across. But maybe we could do a banner that would do more for showing off the real Liz.

  2. Better late to the party than never arrive, I say!

  3. we all fall behind now and again. I'm late tot he party tonight since I had an unfortunate septic problem this morning. Ick!


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