Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Demi Cozy

I think it might just be the way my brain works.

CAHSEE testing was two weeks ago. I was at the continuation high school. The entire school tested in the morning while the students that had already passed came in the afternoon. The administration paired up all the teachers, so I was sent to another teacher's classroom to administer the test.

I brought the one thing I figured I'd need. My water bottle.

The testing went well (which is why I didn't mention it before). I had a lot of time to sit and think. And drink my water.

The bottle left a ring of water on the desk on which it sat.

You'd think with all my bottle carriers I'd have had my water bottle in one. Nope. Why bring a carrier with a handle when the bottle goes in my school bag?

Stupid. Yep, I know.

But, as I was pondering my idiocy (as I do from time to time) it occurred to me that perhaps I didn't need a full water bottle carrier anyway. I could make a half cozy (a demi cozy--I like the sound of that). That would be big enough to keep the condensation from getting everywhere...

Genius! Or blindingly obvious. I'm not sure which.  


  1. So basically a coaster made out of yarn, only this one goes halfway up the bottle? That's interesting. Have you thought about making yarn coasters? I think there would be a market for that if they lay flat. I think you'd need to use a less bulky yarn.

  2. I like the idea. Not as big, but enough to soak up the water.

  3. Definitely genius. Back in the summer, I was always putting down glasses and bottles and leaving rings behind. A coaster that moves with the drink is a good solution.


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