Tuesday, October 16, 2012


"Tonight is Back to School Night..."

I'm not sure how the topic came up. It was an average Tuesday morning. I checked in at the school. As the secretary gathered the usual materials (classroom key, temporary log in for attendance, emailed lesson plans), we chatted.

All checked in, I was ready to head out, but if it was Back to School Night...

"Does that mean today is a minimum day?"


There are six minimum days on the school calendar. The end of quarter ones I know are coming. But Back to School Night is different for each school, and in previous years has been rescheduled, so I never know when it is.

It was a very nice surprise.


  1. Well congratulations on having a nice surprise.

  2. It's always great to have a nice surprise waiting for you at work.

    My favorite days at work are the days they call me in the morning and tell me I don't have to come in at all.

  3. What is a minimum day? A day that ends early? Glad you had a good day :)


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