Friday, October 26, 2012

Catching the Answers

7th grade science. They were to watch a video on light and answer 10 questions that were provided to them on a handout.

By 4th period, I was pretty familiar with the video. Familiar enough to explain to that class that each answer would appear three separate times. And I let them know that I would point out when each answer was stated.

This is not enough for 7th graders. They worry.

"But what if we still don't get the answers?"

Stated three times in the video? With me calling out: "Here's number 2"? Not likely.

The girl persisted. But what if she missed an answer?

"What if an asteroid hits the Earth in the next five minutes?" I asked her.

I could only assure her so much. I had to get the video started. I had to make sure that we could go over the answers after as well.


  1. Wow...break out the apocalyptic "earth-destroying" asteroid on some 7th graders...harsh, Liz. You are without Ruth today. (Ruth-less).

  2. Wow. Did you have to hold their hands while they answered, too? Jeesh. Just pay attention to the video, kid!

  3. Answers stated three times with you pointing them out--it does seem unlikely they'd miss them!

  4. poor things. it's so hard to actually pay attention - especially when you've got your cell phone in the palm of your hand and just have to answer that text...


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