Friday, August 26, 2011

Viewing the Wildlife

A couple nights ago, I went to lock up the house as I normally do before retiring. That's when I spotted it. That big white stripe along its back made it stand out even in the dark. I stood and stared as the thing meandered down the street, along the curb, away from my perch.


At least I was one story up, so I was in no real danger. It wasn't as safe as the time I spied a skunk crossing the street in front of my moving car (I swerved and missed). But it was better than that one very early New Year's sighting.

I prefer catching the squirrels running along the power lines. At least it's been a couple years since I last had a skunk sighting.


  1. Well, that would freak me out just a little bit. Where do you live that you've seen multiple skunks? Your bio says your own little world...filled with skunks?

  2. Liz, glad you joined the campaign. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    As for me, the closest I've come to a skunk was late one dark night when I was trying to bring in my cat from the back yard. He had the skunk kind of cornered against a fence about 2-3 feet away. I had to grab the cat and pull him away before the skunk got upset with either of us. Not fun.

  3. Once there was a skunk trapped in the main irrigation line at the farm where I moved pipe. I had to disconnect the line (about twelve inches in diameter) and I pushed it vertical to try and get the skunk out. It didn't budge...somehow wedging itself in the pipe so that it remained in place. I said, "Fine!" and connected the pipe to the pump with the other end open to the field. I started it up and WHOOSH skunk came flying out on a torrent of water (about ten feet) and plopped in the mud. Then I shut the pump off. Wet animal ran off but I bet he learned his lesson.


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