Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Teenage Wishes Part 13

There was this questionnaire called "The Wishes You'd Like to Come True". It was the assignment for a class at the continuation high school. I thought some of the answers were genius (or at least comedy gold), so I started "borrowing" them for my blog. (First post here. If you haven't been following this strand, you can see the rest of the posts here.)

Today's question: "The time in history I'd like to have lived. Why?"

  • In the 50's. because I like how they dress.
  • late '80s early 90s. gas would be cheaper, to go rip up the road.
  • Early 1900's. so I can see the beginning of our country.
  • um 1845. Because I want to dress like them.
  • 1980. Because of the beggininning of metal.
  • 1950's. because alot of thing went on by that time.
  • 1970's. cause there are a lot of partys.
  • 05's. So I won't mess up my grades.
  • The early 1900's. because they all wore dressy clothes.
  • The 70's. So I could own all the muscle cars of the mid to late 60's instead of a honda.
  • 2006. Because it was fun.
  • When Troy happened with achillies. So I can kill people with arrows.
  • 70's. Because I would have enjoyed living the livestyle of the hippies.
  • 1980's. They dressed tight.
  • 1960's. So I can have met Marilyn Monroe.
  • In the old west times. So I could run around with a gun and hourse.  
Note: these answers are from 2007, and the spelling and capitalization are copied directly from the students' papers.  


  1. "Early 1900's. so I can see the beginning of our country."


    Dropping the "y" and adding "ies" is so boring.

    2006 was fun!

    At least they were smart enough not to choose the 1980s because of dress.

  2. Hello Liz, I'm passing on to you a wonderful blog award and an internet meme. I know you are extremely excited so I'll just throw some confetti up for you and let you relish in the moment.


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