Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Teenage Wishes Part 10

Yesterday was the last repost in the Teenage Wishes strand. I looked through my archives for the next one, but it wasn't there.

There were ten questions in the questionnaire. It was titled "The Wishes You'd Like to Come True". A teacher at the continuation high school left this for her classes one day. I thought that some of the answers were comedy gold, so I copied them into my blog (keeping the students anonymous, of course). Then I subbed for that teacher again, and she left the questionnaire again, so I repeated the process. Almost.

The first time I had this questionnaire as part of the lesson plan (there were several worksheets due that day), I completed posting the best answers on the blog. The second time, I got two questions in, and never posted the rest.

I have no idea what happened. But knowing me, I knew I had the rest of the answers tucked away somewhere. After two days of searching (not continuously), I finally found them. So now, four years later, I can finish what I started.

The question: "The way I'd one day like to earn my living. Why?"

  • Getting a job. Because the things, do for money now anit good
  • doing anything I love. because I'd like my job if I got paid to do something I'd do for free.
  • drug councelr. because I like to help people that need help.
  • rockstart. so i can have groupies.
  • Working hard. feels good spending money that you earned.
  • is by selling shirts. Its easy money.
  • a longshoremen. That's the way my grandfather and other family members did.
I find some of these answers fascinating. Some of these answers make me scratch my head. Students surprise me in many different ways.  

The spelling and wording was theirs.  I wonder how many of them achieved their dreams. (This was from 2007, so all these students are at least 20 by now.)  

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