Tuesday, August 23, 2011

IMing Old School

It's Repost Tuesday (the day where I repost something from my now defunct blog on MySpace), and since there was a big earthquake in Virginia, I thought that maybe I should find an old (and hopefully funny) earthquake story. There wasn't one. And then I realized that this would probably be in poor taste.

Turns out, I don't actually have an earthquake post from then, anyway. (Although, I have plenty on this blog in the archives.) So, this post from March 29, 2007, will have to do.

I doubt I was the only one who did this. You're in class, and you're supposed to be quiet. So, you and your friend pass a note back and forth, having a written conversation. Just like IMing, only with pen and paper. It wasn't just me, right?

Well, I know it wasn't just me, because they still do it. The class was supposed to be reading a short story and answering questions about it. Mostly, they talked. So, it was rather curious that two students ended up doing the back-and-forth note thing.

I acquired the note. And now I'm typing it out for you as well (leaving their spelling, grammar, and punctuation as much as possible). I can't be the only one to enjoy this. (Names have been changed to protect...well, just to be careful, okay.)

Her: Hi.

Him: Hi, h...ready to unleash hell on me...

Her: What the hell are you talking about?

Him: Michael was talking to me once about you.

Her: about what?

Him: you, stuff like you know stuff...

Her: like what stuff?

Him: oooo you know stuff anyways how life hows your softball going anything new interesting?

Her: TELL ME what stuff, things like that bug me!

Him: I bet it does doesn't that just fries your pickles lol ahhaha....but I don't know should I tell you

Her: Stop being a butt head!!! tell me!

Him: ok you know little things like...he breaths really hard and goes goddamed....and like when he looks at you doesn't it just feel loving? I could see the twinklz in his eyes 2 souls fighting to be together but never really feeling each other desires!

Her: Wow you are...wow.
You know what, I'll make a deal with you. If he really likes me, and he tells me that, then may be we can start talking but just talking.

Him: excellent!!!!

Her: but you Winston as you can not do anything to effect him.

Him: OK....but if accidents happen that I have no control off then ok...

Her: NO! NO! NO! you have to keep your mouth closed, and keep all of your little signs to your self too!!

Unfortunately, here is where they ran out of paper. So, we may never know what transpired after this. Ah, the joys of subbing.


  1. Ok...if I know guys (and I think I do) then this "Winston" guy is really the one with the crush on this girl, and Michael is a friend who is SO NOT INTERESTED, but "Winston" will continue to string our heroine along so that he can talk/pass notes with her...

    Guys are dumb, and high school guys are idiotic! ;)

  2. Hi, I'm a fellow campaigner. Great to get to know you.

  3. Howdy! I've just joined the campaign, too...nice to meet you!

    Looking forward to getting to know you and the others! :-)

  4. Cat-It'll be fun to get to know you, too.

    Jillybean-Nice to meet you, too.

  5. Popping in from Halcrest.net to say 'Hi back!' Looking forward to getting to know you over the course of the campaign. :)

  6. Just popping in to say hi to a fellow campaigner :)

  7. I'm old enough to have done the actual handwritten note passing in the school. But my use of grammar was much better...


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