Thursday, August 4, 2011

Teenage Wishes Part 11

There was this questionnaire called "The Wishes You'd Like to Come True". It was the assignment for a class at the continuation high school. I thought some of the answers were genius (or at least comedy gold), so I started "borrowing" them for my blog. (First post here. If you haven't been following this strand, you can see the rest of the posts here.)

Today I'm posting various answers to the question "The place I'd most like to go is _____. Why?"   
  • Amsterdam. because everything is legal.
  • my house. because it is cool.
  • Heaven. I want to see how it is up there.
  • Europe. Because theres a lot of people I know that have been there.
  • Chuck E. Chess. I've never been their.
  • Irland. So I can legally be drunk in public.
  • Japan. My true self is in that country, people think I'm Losing it when I say so but its not true.
  • Work. I get money when I work.
  • Egypt. My girl is egyption.
  • Fiji. Because the water is warm, clear, and shark infested.
  • A lakers playoffs game next year. Lakers are my favorite team and I have never been to an n.b.a game before.
  • Europe. I'd like to travel the earth before I die.
  • Where my girlfriend goes. cause I love her so much and I will do anything and everything that I can for her.
  • Amsterdam. Illegal for cops to search you.
As before, the spelling and capitalization is theirs. This was done in 2007, so I wonder if any of them got to where they wanted to go. 

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  1. With our global economy the way it is right now? Fuck no they didn't get to go unless they made money on the side as prostitutes and meth-lab cooks.

    Yeah...I really do have a bad outlook when it comes to the new generation of people trying to make it. Not so much because I don't think they can, but because our economy here in the states is vastly becoming RICH/Poor and that's it.

    I predict that the highest paying jobs will in the future belong only to pretty people because they always have an asset that fat, corrupt, and lascivious rich people crave. And they'll only survive by charging these asshats $10,000 an hour.


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