Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Teenage Wishes Part 14

There was this questionnaire called "The Wishes You'd Like to Come True". It was the assignment for a class at the continuation high school. I thought some of the answers were genius (or at least comedy gold), so I started "borrowing" them for my blog. (First post here. If you haven't been following this strand, you can see the rest of the posts here.)

This question worries me a little: "The way in which I'd like to die and at what age. Why?" It's a strange one, but these answers are interesting anyway. Reminder: these answers are from 2007, and the spelling and capitalization are directly copied from the students' papers.

  • asleep at age 55. I don't want to feel anything when I die and don't want to grow old.
  • Shot and I don't know. Because its better than any other way.
  • Sleeping & 88. Because I don't want paint & 88 because I cant do much.
  • I would like to die flying off a cliff in a hotboxed car at the age of 87. Cause that'd be awesome.
  • Get shot at least 100-250 times from the neck down. So I could die like the movies but still look good when I'm in my casket.
  • In my sleep at age 60. Because its less painful (what they say...) and 60 is a lucky number.
  • 25 shot by a guy that feels I'm a treat (threat?). because that's the best way for a guy like me to go out. 
  • I wanna die by a drug overdose in my late 70's early 80's. Because nobody will know how I died.

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  1. I like how Tyrion Lannister answered this question in Game of Thrones when asked, "How would you like to die little man?" hefting of course a big axe with which Hagga could cut his manhood off.

    Tyrion replied, "At the age of 80 in bed with a cup full of wine and a whore's mouth around my cock!" This little bit of humor managed to save his life. Oh books how I love thee...


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