Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Seal Racing

"Where did that seal poster come from?"

Hmmm... That's a hard one, since the boy who asked the question was seated right next to it, had been rifling through National Geographic magazines earlier, and could not have missed someone sticking it to the wall right next to him. His desk was right up against the wall. He slept through that?

I looked at the boy incredulously for a bit, and then I told him to take the poster down and put it back where he found it.

"Mr. H. won't mind. He likes seals. He talks about them all the time."

I've met this teacher. I've had several conversations with him. He has never once brought up any wildlife topics. However, I do know about his love of NASCAR. So, I had my comeback:

"Yeah, right. He constantly talks of seals and racing."

"And seal racing."

I walked away at this point. This boy and the boy seated behind him were trying to find ways to entertain themselves (without doing the government assignment), and I was only helping them in this endeavor at this point. But I did hear them start on the topic of seal racing.

Seal racing? Kind of a difficult sport I would think. Do seals move all that quickly? Could you train them to line up and race each other? This would work better in the open ocean, but the visual of them lining up on a race track, readying for the starting gun is such a great visual.

Damn! Now they have me doing it.

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