Saturday, July 5, 2008


There are way too many idiot drivers out there.

Today we were getting off the freeway. We were making a right turn into the left lane (it was a busy enough off ramp that this was permissible), and there was a lot of traffic. The guy behind us was trying to get into our lane, but there was no way as there wasn't any room, so he just sat there at an angle waiting. Never mind that the lane to the right of us was completely empty from where he sat to the intersection.

Well, this idiot with Nevada plates finally realizes that he's blocking the intersection, and he moves up to the car in front of us (another idiot, this one with Colorado plates), and when the light turned green, the idiot from Colorado lets the guy in. And they both sat there.

We were in the left-most lane, but not the left turn lane. But these two out-of-state idiots decided to make our lane a left turn lane, too. And this just pissed off the guy behind us. At least, that's what I think he was feeling as he blared his horn at those of us who were in this situation with him. He practically rear ended us and almost side swiped us as he got over into the lane to the right of us. (Yes, we were stuck--at a green light!!)

So, when the left turn lane got a green arrow, the idiots moved on--both made a left turn and got on the freeway--and traffic was unblocked. This is why we have road rage. We have too many idiots on the road.

Where is a cop when you need one?

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