Sunday, July 27, 2008

Due Process

I've got another story about this pair. This happened after the seal poster incident, and this time I was talking to the other guy.

I had given them paper (as they had none of their own), but their papers had remained blank. Then the other guy actually wrote down the first term that he was supposed to define. I was kind of shocked. He had actually found the term and wrote it on his paper? This was dangerously close to work.

Then he moaned that he couldn't find the definition. Well, he wasn't looking. I actually turned to the glossary at the back of the book, found the definition for him, and then he copied it down! I was shocked. I expected more of a fight about that.

So, a while later at the end of the period (plenty of time to have done another term) I collected the work. What more had he done? Nothing. The only definition on the paper was the first one: due process. Well, at least it was something (more than the first guy who didn't turn in anything at all).

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