Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Recently, I joined Facebook. Well, by "recently" I mean a couple months ago (or more, I can't remember, and the site won't tell me when I joined). I haven't done much with it. It was a spur of the moment kind of thing, a "why not?" impulse.

So, today after updating my etsy page, I logged on and started looking around. I ended up looking for old high school classmates. I must be feeling a bit nostalgic.

It's not like I miss high school. I never even considered subbing at my alma mater, and considering some of the hell days I've had as a substitute teacher, that's saying a lot. But there are a couple people that I lost touch with (within weeks of graduating, actually) that I'd kind of like to reconnect with. And so occasionally I look for them (first on MySpace, now on Facebook too).

I was startled to actually find one of those people on Facebook today. I don't know if she'll respond or not, but I added her in hopes that she doesn't hate me. (Who knows? It's been nearly two decades since we last spoke.)

Okay, so I should get off the computer now. Who knows what other trouble I could get myself in to?

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