Saturday, July 12, 2008

Closed Captioning

Today my mother and I went to see "WALL-E". We hadn't planned on going to the movies. It was a spur of the moment thing.

We were in the car on the freeway (going west on the 91 to be exact). We did not have Internet access, a newspaper, or the phone number of the movie theater. We weren't even sure if there was a movie we wanted to see. So, we played movie roulette. Luckily, "WALL-E" was playing, and we had 20 minutes to spare.

I could barely hear the girl selling us our tickets. As we walked away from the box office Mom repeated what I did not hear. We had bought tickets for the captioned showing.

I did not know that they did this, but I guess it makes sense. The entire movie was captioned.

Of all the movies to see with captions, this was probably the strangest. It really doesn't have all that much dialog. So, for most of the movie, we saw things like: (electronic whirring) or (mysterious music plays)--the parentheses were theirs.

There are some movies that would be better with captions. I know that for some British shows I'll turn on the captioning on the TV--any show where the accents are too thick or the dialog is too fast. But for "WALL-E"? It was kind of annoying.

Mom enjoyed the captions. She found it fascinating how various sounds and things were described.

Closed captioning for the movie theater. Who knew?

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