Monday, July 14, 2008


I had been expecting the call. It came this morning.

I sub at the continuation high school a lot. Before the end of the school year, one of the teachers told me of his summer vacation plans. He and his wife were going on a cruise. It was only after they had purchased their tickets and confirmed the dates that the school calendar for the next school year was released. Oops--vacation overlapped with first two days of school.

The sub caller called me today with the assignment. The continuation high school starts back pretty early--in July. The students hate it, but they get compensated for the early start. They get three weeks off in October. They get three weeks off for winter break. They get three weeks off for spring break. And they only attend school for 3-4 hours a day. So, when they whine about it, I have no sympathy for them.

Besides, I'm happy. When they're in session, I could sub, and that means that I'll get paid. Yeah!

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