Friday, June 21, 2024

Smart Planet

Since the random quizzes I found online were hit or miss (more miss), I have found an alternative for Fridays in the summer. The random question.

I like to play Words with Friends 2 on my phone. One of the mini games on the app is a "challenge" where you play against increasing in difficulty computer personas. Each week is a theme. 

Some weeks the characters make sense. That is, I can see how one persona would be more of a challenge than another. (Like, when the "easy" ones are children and the "hard" ones are people who were known for their intellect.) 

But some weeks... And that's where my question comes from. Because the week I'm referencing was a planetary week. That is, we played against the planets. And I rather disagreed with which planets they positioned as more intelligent than others. (They used people avatars for the planets.)

Given our solar system, and assuming the planets have personalities, which planet do you think is the most intelligent? Which planet do you think is the least intelligent?


  1. The ones closest to the sun are least intelligent, it's too hot for their brains. Earth is obviously the most least, as it hasn't rid itself of the parasites destroying it. I would guess Pluto is the m most intelligent. It keeps us guessing if it's a planet or not. So, it has a sense of humor. It also keeps its distance from Earth as far as it can be. Smart.
    I play Word With Friends 2 with my daughter. I stick to just playing her. Just straight forward games, all the rest confuses me!

    1. Some of the mini games I hate, but I enjoy the computer opponents. My profile name is ElizabethA2876. You can look me up :)

  2. I'm going with Mars. It feels like it is far enough away from the sun, but not too far.

  3. I would say Saturn is the most intelligent with its rings and knows how to create the rings and could probably win almost every debate. The dumbest...Earth...we annihilate animals, trees etc...climate change is due to us and many refuse to believe it. The money men keep this going for greed and power even though they are shooting themselves in the foot. We have Trump and the Trumplodytes ughh...yes Earth is dumb

  4. I'm going with Saturn as the smartest. It has the rings and the most moons!

  5. I don't think I would want to go to either one. I just like a planted where people are civil.

  6. Hmm maybe Neptune? Maybe not the smartest but I love the color!

    Allie of

  7. Least intelligent - Earth, obviously, as it allowed a species to evolve that is quite capable of destroying it and all life on it. Most intelligent is Saturn, because it's got style, and handles all its moons with grace. And, if it has life forms (they'd be so different from us) it's minding its own business.

  8. Mercury must be quite dumb with all that firy heat on one side and limp darkness on the other. A planet in some other solar system rises in my mind with really intelligent existence.

  9. That reminds me, I did not do the Wordle for a long time.

  10. I think our planet is smartest because... come on... hydrax, just to name one super cool critter. Isn't nature on earth amazing? This ball of rock can outlive human stupidity, I'm sure. Be well!


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