Thursday, March 23, 2023

Protecting my Cardi

Wednesday I was back at the continuation high school, this time for the English class. 

They were working on a poetry unit. (They were also doing a blackout poem, like the class I posted about yesterday. It's funny how certain things recur over different classes and even at different schools.) Most of them were working on a haiku

They were to paint a picture and then write out the haiku on it. Many of them were still working on the paintings. So, paints were out. And paint got everywhere...

It's been chilly here in SoCal. I've been getting some wear out of my sweaters. 

At first I was hesitant to wear my seven (and a half) year cardi. I've been paranoid. What if I snag it or something happens and I damage it? 

But, every time I've worn it, I get a little less worried. I don't generally damage my clothes. And it's nice to get some wear out of the cardi I worked on for so long.

I didn't know I'd be dodging paint, so I wore the cardi. 

I didn't think about it too much until I went to straighten up the paints, and I got white paint on my hand.

My hand. Just my hand. I kept well away from the paint after that. 

I shuddered in horror when a student found she had gotten paint splatter on her jacket. (She went to the restroom and tried to clean it off.) 

Somehow I lucked out. My cardi is intact. And paint-free.

Sixth period. This was the orientation group. The school gets a new batch of students about every month. The new students have a time where they all take the same classes to get used to the new school. 

There were a few familiar faces. 

One of them was Marta

I... uh... can't say I was surprised to see her there. Nope. Not surprised at all. 


  1. Whew. The seven year cardigan is safe! For now.

  2. Classes involving paint should come with a warning

    1. They should! I mean, if it's an art class or ceramics or such, then that would be on me. But who expects an English class is using paint?

  3. Even a seasoned painter like me gets paint on my clothes and body. Course it could be cause I am like an accident waiting to happen.

    1. Of course. Paint happens. Just not on my seven (and a half) year cardi!

  4. Phew! I can understand your fear of damaging the cardi.I've always found it's the clothing I don't care about that rides through unscathed, while the things I care about end up damaged.

  5. Every classroom should come with an Apron! In fact one of my kids schools I swear had a uniform that looked like they were wearing pinny's! Glad your jumper survived!


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