Monday, March 27, 2023

A Small Addition

I didn't touch the pillow cover once last week. 

(Well, that's not entirely true. I pulled it out to photograph to create a new background image for the blog. But my computer's being difficult--slow, laggy, every other page is "not responding"--and I didn't have the patience to do all the manipulation to get the image up onto the blog.) 

Instead, I pulled out the seven (and a half) year cardi...

This winter has been particularly cold for us, so I've had the opportunity to pull out many of my sweaters and various knits that I don't get much of a chance to wear. I've had a chance to wear the seven (and a half) year cardi several times now. 

With all this wear, I came to a conclusion. It needed buttons.

When I finished it, I didn't add buttons mostly because I hadn't decided on buttons. Did I want them? What kind? Did I want to try another closure? (I made a lot of decisions on the fly.) 

And mostly, I just wanted to be done with the thing.

But with multiple wears, I realized that I needed something to pin it shut. Occasionally. So, last week I decided to figure it out.

I found buttons in my stash.

("Vintage". I have so many buttons acquired by family in the '60s, '70s, and before and after.) 

I dug out the yarn I had used. I took an evening to eyeball where I thought the buttons should go and attached them. 

Then the next day I tried on the sweater and realized that where I had placed the buttons just would not do.

So, I ripped them out and tried again.

I tried it on. Measured. Made sure the buttons and button loops were at the exact same place in the pattern on either side. Double checked. Attached the buttons. Tried the thing on, just to be triply sure. And then I wound in the ends.

Only three buttons (the fourth on the package was used ages ago), but that's sufficient for what I wanted.

We're supposed to have a couple chilly (and rainy) days next week, so I should get a chance to try it out. 

That's one of the great things about wearing a cardigan I knit myself. I can modify anything I want as I determine I need to.

Hopefully I'll get back to the pillow case this week.


  1. Cute! It looks good on you. For those freezing winter days.

  2. The detailing on the cardigan is really lovely.

  3. I know Calif has had some really STRANGE weather for you folks this yr. Buttons, nice job.

    1. The cold doesn't usually last this long. And we've had a lot of rain. But we really need the rain, so... Thanks.

  4. Hi Liz - looking good - and enjoy wearing it ... it's good to have a light cardigan, to just briefly cover up as needed ... cheers Hilary

  5. That's a pretty cardigan. And it looks good on you.

  6. Well done; well made! All that work on the buttons does count for a Monday post, too.

    1. I plowed through getting it done on Saturday so I could write the post up on Sunday ;)

  7. Good for you! It looks good and it closes nicely

    1. Yeah, I like having it. Of course, the two times I've worn it since adding the buttons, I took it off quickly as I was too warm. Sigh.


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