Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Playing Games

Occasionally, I'll take an assignment out of sheer curiosity. When eSports popped up, I just had to know. What was this class?

It turned out the class was exactly what I was expecting: they play video games.

(It's affiliated with an after-school occupational program that includes things like culinary arts, health career intro, cosmetology, and firefighting.)

The two days I was there, they were having a tournament. They had a bracket they were working off of. It appeared to be a double elimination. And beyond that, I'm clueless.

The teacher had appointed class leaders, and they directed the rest of the class on who was playing whom and on which computers they were assigned. I did my job by taking roll and supervising the room.

Third period. Tuesday. The class leaders put on background music.

I don't mind background music. It helps students work, usually. (Not me. I need silence to work. But when in a class, if they need music, I'm okay with them having music.) And instead of the usual inappropriate rap songs that they usually pick, the boys put on video game music. 

(You can look it up on YouTube. I had another teacher tell me that it's great for background music as it was composed with the idea that someone would be focusing on their game, and it won't distract from it.)

The only problem with video game music (as anyone who's played games for hours can tell you) is that it's repetitive. After a while it gets to be too much.

The boy in charge of the music switched it once during class, and he put on something that came from the Nintendo Wii. And then that got old.

When he got up to change it, a girl in class commented that it was about time. I concurred. 

But we only had about five minutes left in the period. He looked for something to play for a short time. 

"Kiwi" appeared along the sidebar. 37 seconds. He played it...

And I laughed.

It's not intrinsically funny. Not really. 


Well, of course I had to share. The creator definitely deserves the views. And like I said, 37 seconds:

Too cute. (And it totally reminded me of the time I knit a kiwi. Eldest nephew is now 17, so I doubt he still has it.)

I know, I spend a lot of time on this blog writing about the kiddos' misdeeds, but most of the time, the kiddos are all right. 


  1. My first thought was "Oh, a video game class, fun!" and then I realized, "Oh god, they'd expect me to play against other people." And that's just a no.

  2. Oh, I'm familiar with video game music. I am guessing most parents of Barbarians are! Haven't heard this one so just forwarded to Jeckle as I'm sure he'll appreciate it.

  3. I like the idea of having having music in the class.

  4. I liked the Kiwi video music, but was also happy it didn't last more than 37 seconds. Well, now that you know what eSports are, something tells me you won't sign up to sub that again.

    1. Oh, I would. If it pops up, I definitely will. (Easy group. I like easy groups.)

  5. Depends what I'm doing if I need back ground sound. My husband seems to need it more than me. When he gone and I'm home alone. I will turn off all sounds.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  6. I think it's cool that you allow music for the kids to listen to while they work.

    1. Unless the teacher has said absolutely not (some do), I know how music will settle a class and keep them on task, so I'm all for it.

  7. Video game class? Really? They teach that but nothing about budgeting, credit car issues, how to live in the real world? Ughh. Kiwis are cute

    1. Skills for living is a class at the continuation high school only. Yeah, it should exist at other schools, too.

  8. Kiwi reminds me of video game music too though.

    1. Oh yes, very much so. That's why the algorithm put it in the sidebar after the last two videos they played.


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