Monday, December 12, 2011

Lack of Planning

Last year I was on top of it. By this time I had all my Christmas knitting done. I had such high hopes for this year...

I don't know what happened. This year totally got away from me.

I've got what? Two weeks? It's not happening. I'm frantically trying to get my Christmas presents knit. I've got three different projects going right at this moment, and I might even finish them, but that leaves two nephews with nothing. Yet.

Then, last week I got an invite to my nephew's birthday party. And I panicked.

I thought I had a couple weeks. Detritus was inconveniently born on December 26th. I figured I had until Christmas to get something made for him.

Unfortunately, most people are on vacation right about that time, so if Detritus wanted his friends at his birthday party, it had to be scheduled early. Way early.

This wouldn't have been a major deal if I was on top of my gift knitting this year. What's that saying? Something about failing to plan and emergencies not counting for lack of planning. Anyway, it was my own fault, so I had to figure out something to get him, and fast. And then I saw this pattern...


...and I thought, "Perfect".

Two weeks to get my Christmas knitting done? Yeah, not panicking. Not panicking at all.


  1. That is adorable. And I am sooo jealous. I can't knit. I tried it once and made a mess of the yarn, got frustrated, and gave up. I went back to quilting instead. After seeing that, though, I may have to give it another go.

  2. Whatever that thing looks an eggplant with legs and a trunk and eyes.


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