Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Hot Seat

Students ask me questions. Usually it's of the "do you have any kids?" variety. They ask me a couple such questions, and then they move on to whatever other things they have on their mind. But sometimes, the questioning continues.

It was 7th period at the continuation high school. Most of the class was working on their assignment. One boy started with the usual questions, but those didn't satisfy him.

I don't have to answer any of the questions. I know this. However, they're usually so innocuous that it doesn't bother me. They can know where I went to college. They can even know the name of my high school (most have never heard of it).

But then he got into some crazier questions.

He wanted to know my favorite beer. When I told him ("I don't drink"), he told me not to lie. Since I hadn't lied, I didn't have anything more to say. So the rest of the class tried to name what beer had to be my favorite. Several brands were tossed out. Since I don't know the difference, I was mostly amused by this activity.

Then he got to the question I always get but never know how to answer. What kind of music do I like?

Most people have an answer to this. I don't. I stopped paying attention to the music scene somewhere around 1994. I turn on the radio. Mostly in the car. I like some of it. But if you put me on the spot and asked me what song was on, I wouldn't be able to name it. I might be able to come up with a band name, but more likely I would have no idea who it was.

This answer is unacceptable. (How horrified would he be if I told him that most of the time I work in silence?) Unfortunately, I don't have another one.

In the end, he started talking about himself (which is what he wanted to do anyway). This is fine with me. I rarely have anything interesting to say.

Are there any questions that you can never answer to the questioner's satisfaction? What kind of music do you like? (I'm asking so I can sample it.)


  1. No one believes me when I say I don't drink, either. The question I usually stumble over is what my favorite movie is. "I don't know" is never an acceptable answer.

    And I listen to hard rock and metal. It' acquired taste.

  2. I generally don't get asked any sort of questions.
    I drink that little, that I guess I'm the next step up from nothing.
    When I do it's a tiny bit of bourbon in a lot of coke. Like a bottlecap full to a can. Two of them and I'm good.
    As for music, I usually come up with "Whatever sounds good."
    I think I'd stumble of a favourite movie though. Mind would draw an instant blank there. Or ramble and list our entire dvd inventory.

  3. Students do love prying. These days I get a lot of questions about religion, for some reason. I also get a lot of, "Why don't you send your children to our school?" They don't get my reply of, "We can't afford to live here."

    I love alternative music. Always have. I still keep up, though I'm fuzzier on names of some of the songs. When I was a teen, I had each and every word memorized and knew what my favorite bands ate for breakfast that day.

  4. Right now I'm on a Rihanna, Cobra Starship, Katy Perry kick. But it changes.


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