Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Cut Off

What if? It's the basis of many stories. We ask. We ponder. We wonder.

On Tuesdays I throw one out there. What if? It may be speculative. It may stem from something I see. It may be something I pull from the news.

Make of it what you will. If a for instance is not specified, interpret that instance as you wish. And if the idea turns into a story, I'd appreciate a thank you in the acknowledgements 😉 

What if you got stuck waiting somewhere (somewhere you can't leave) and your phone died? (I won't specify whether it's just a dead battery or if it's other issues.)


  1. This happened to my brother in law several years ago - stuck in an ER with a close family member who was the patient, and he was trying to contact various family members with updates. We so depend on our phones, don't we?

  2. It would suck, but I'd remind myself that thirty years ago I wouldn't have even had a phone.

  3. I'm a patient waiter! I'm older, and don't need a phone to keep me occupied. I usually bring a book to doctor appointments. If I read it as I need to contact someone, then surely someone would have a phone to borrow. If not, eventually someone would come looking for me! Just make sure someone always knows where you are going and how long you'll be.

  4. I once went to the coast clinic minus my purse, which meant no phone and no money. I get over there and am horrified although the clinic agrees I can pay later for the cat I took with me. But how to get home and I'd not packed even some snack food. Someone in line at the clinic took pity on me and gave me $10. I sat in the car all day. It was pouring. I briefly went out to look for cans to turn in to get a bit more gas money. In the end, I had to head out, put the $10 worth of gas in the car, and hope I could make it, coasted down the east side of the coast range and somehow, made it all the way home on the gas left in the tank and the $10. The yellow gas warning light ran for the last 50 miles.


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