Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Technical Issues

One of the great things to come out of these times is having the school work all on computers. One of the terrible things to come out of these times is having the school work all on computers. 

It's really nice to have them log on and find assignments formatted exactly how they're used to seeing them from their teacher. And the teacher can see what they did right away. 

But that's supposing the students have a computer. 

The schools checked out computers to all the students. But at one of the high schools they don't have any spares. 

Monday. Sixth period. Tenth grade world history. 

Sheldon informed me that his computer was broken. He had tried to replace it, but no replacements were available. 

Ms. G is one of the strict ones. I had had silent classes all day. I didn't want a disruptor, so I asked Sheldon if he had something to work on. 

He did not. 

I pointed out that Sheldon was going to get awfully bored with nothing to do. Did he have a book to read, at least? 

Oh no. Sheldon claimed he was illiterate. 

I didn't believe him, and I told him so. He argued that he had managed to hide this... I didn't hear the whole explanation, and I'd stopped following along. 

I told Sheldon that I've covered classes where the students truly couldn't read. 

Throughout this discussion, other students chimed in with, "Just ignore him," and, "He's always like this". 

Yeah, he seemed the type. 

The girl sitting behind him pulled out The Count of Monte Cristo from her backpack and handed it to him. He again (to the girl) claimed illiteracy and complained the book had no pictures. 

The girl wasn't having it, either. 

She and the rest of the class had their computers out at this point and were working. 

With no audience, Sheldon opened the book. And, presumably, read. For the whole period. I think. I mean, I saw him turn pages. I assume that means he was reading. 

When I called time to clean up, he handed the book back to the girl so fast... 

Sheldon had a working computer in class the next day. (I was in the class for three days.) 


  1. "One of the great things to come out of these times is having the school work all on computers. One of the terrible things to come out of these times is having the school work all on computers." If you read my post today, you'll see why your opening paragraph caught my attention.

    1. I'll get there eventually. It's one of those days where everything is happening late.

  2. The Count Of Monte Cristo will teach him not to lie about his computer being broken.

  3. Sheldon is a funny one. Yeah. Illiterate. LOL!

  4. Yet he obviously can read on his computer perfectly well...

  5. I've ran into a few people who claims to be illiterate. Usually what I notice, waiting tables they get the daily special.
    Most illiterate people don't admit it
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  6. Oh brother! Well, there is always one, if not more, to try and get out of any type of work.

  7. While I also think Sheldon was "puttin' on the jive," I can identify with just turning the pages. When my girlfriend asked me to attend Rosh Hashanah services with her via Zoom, I agreed. She handed me a book for the service. Which was in Hebrew. Yes, I flipped through the pages for four hours. I think I'm "Hebrew Illiterate."

    1. Yeah, he might not have been reading at all. But at least he didn't disturb the rest of the class.

  8. It was the best of tech; it was the worst of tech. I cannot imagine *not* reading. I used to always keep a magazine in my car in case of stopped traffic, and a book, if I was going anywhere there might be a wait.

    Now I cherish my kindle being small and flat enough to fit in any size satchel... but you know, as long as the tech works...

    1. Yeah, an extra period to read would have been wonderful. But, the kiddo who doesn't have the computer wouldn't want to read.

  9. He seems to know to work his way around!!!

  10. I never went to school without a fiction novel. Heh...

    1. I couldn't read fiction in class. Still can't. And I hated carrying more than I needed. But I never had time to read in class anyway.


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