Friday, July 12, 2019

Figure Out the Lyrics

Do you like The Beatles?

Today's quizzes are hard. Really hard. I've noticed that I tend to only post quizzes that I did well on. I think it's time to post some quizzes that I failed miserably at.

So, today, it's figure out the lyrics. No clues. You have 8 minutes to randomly add words in hopes of figuring out what Beatles song it is.

You can type in the words in any order. If it's correct, the word disappears right away. If it's not, it sits in the box. It'll fill in all the iterations of the word in the song at once (so you only have to type "and" once).

I totally cheated on this. I had a list of some Beatles songs up in a second tab. It didn't help. But, you might remember more songs than I do.


Figure out the lyrics (Beatles 2)

I managed to get 49 of the 131 words. You may not be surprised that words like "the" and "and" come up a lot. 

Then try: 

Figure out the lyrics (Beatles 6)

On this one, I managed to get one word that was all the clue I needed to know which song it was. (Like, if I were to stumble on "strawberry" or "Lucy" or "paperback".) And, I got 152 words of the 200. Because it turns out that less than 3 minutes is not enough time to recall the whole song. (Yes, it took a good 5 minutes to stumble on that one word that broke it all open.) 

Good luck. Without giving away the song in the comments (don't give anyone a hint!) let me know if you figured it out. Don't worry, I now remember which song was which.


  1. that has got to be the weirdest quiz...I gave up.

  2. WOW! I know the Beetle's songs pretty well but this was hard. And I am slow....

    1. Without knowing where to start, it's hard to figure out which song it could be. There are so many choices.

  3. I got 74 in the first one, but only because I guessed words. I don't really know any Beatles songs. Even when I finished and I could see the whole thing I didn't recognize it.

  4. Even cheating didn't help me figure out the first song.

  5. Ok, on the first o got 67 but the 2nd I got 57...that was tough

  6. Because you said you cheated I felt that meant I could too =) Not knowing the lyrics to Beatles songs very well I needed to if I had any chance.

    I finished all the words in song 1 with 2:13 left on the clock and song 2 with 1:36 left on the clock.

    The first song I had 50 something words when I figured out the song, and the second I had less, but happened to pick one that helped.

  7. It looked a bit complicated and its Friday night and I got to work tomorrow so I said "maybe next time."


  8. Having grown up with the Beatles (not literally but metaphorically!), I'd like to think I'd do quite well on this quiz. I have most of their albums on my iPod (iPod - showing my age!). I haven't had time to do the quiz yet but I'm definitely going to give it a go.

  9. Oh Blimey Liz, you're a tease! On the same theme have you seen the new movie Yesterday? I thought it was cute... with Beatles music!

    1. There was a reason I picked these quizzes for this day...


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