Thursday, May 10, 2018

Them Again

After the last time, I swore never again. Never again lasted two weeks.

Although the deck was stacked against me. The teacher requested me. And there were no alternative assignments for the day.

Friday. That eighth grade English class. You remember the one. First, they stole my clock (and got offended by my accusation). Then they threw a stink bomb.

I kinda thought the teacher wouldn't want me back after all that.

Now, actually, the rest of the day had been pretty much OK. Believe it or not, the kiddos worked silently. Eighth graders. It was just that persnickety third period...

I braced for them. I set up all the materials so I wouldn't have to turn my back on them. And then...

They were fine. I mean, we had the usual I-can't-get-a-word-in-edgewise discussions while reading an article together in class. But they did do the assignment. And they didn't figuratively blow up the classroom. They weren't even the worst class of the day.

A win. Sort of. Hooray?


  1. What you may not know for sure is what happened to the class the days after you substituted before in there and how the teacher responded to the usual report you write. Maybe the class had been reprimanded for their behavior in your previous sub days and were told under no circumstances to be on their "best" behavior the next time you were the sub. Maybe the teacher requested you for this exact reason. Glad to hear though that 3rd period didn't cause you problems that day.


  2. ditto. the teacher propbably told them what behavior was expected.

  3. Maybe the first time was just some sort of initiation?

  4. Maybe the teacher tore them a new one after the last incidents.

  5. Well that's quite the surprise! A nice one, at least :D

  6. You must've passed their test as a sub to stay on her good side. Hurrah!

  7. I agree with Su-sieee above. You proved you were too strong for their shenanigans.


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