Wednesday, May 16, 2018

And Again

It was a roving day. That is, instead of being told I'd cover for a specific teacher, I was told I'd be "roving". So, I'd be covering two or more different teachers throughout the course of the day.

When I arrived, the secretary offered to switch me to a different assignment. Because guess who the first teacher I'd be covering for was?

But, as luck would have it, the school was on a block schedule, so third period wasn't even meeting. (That's the class that stole my clock and threw the stink bomb.) I'd only have to cover all of second period and half of fourth. Well, they weren't too bad...

And they weren't. They had an essay to write. And for the most part they did.

Well, except for that minor altercation between two boys. It wasn't a fight, exactly. More of a tussle that ended a moment after it began.

The next day I was back at the same school. I was covering for a completely different teacher. All day. And that class... Well, this is the only mention I'm going to make of them. They did their work. They gave me no problems.

This teacher had sixth period off. It is fairly normal for the office to ask me to cover a different class on that prep period, so I wasn't shocked to get called for that. But guess who I was asked to cover?

I mean, what are the odds? There are about 130 teachers at the school. Surely someone else needed coverage sixth period.

But sixth period was the best behaved class of the day. (I know, shocker.) So, I wasn't worried. And everything did go smoothly.

Now, fingers crossed. The goal is to avoid the class for the rest of the school year. Do you think I can do it?


  1. The school year is almost over, right? I'm crossing my fingers for you that you can avoid that class!

    1. Me too. Thanks. (We've got about a month left.)

  2. Just a coupe weeks left - hope so!

  3. Everything unknown appears magnificent until it becomes known.

  4. School's ending soon, right? You should be able to make it without seeing them again. Of course, just mentioning it might cause the universe to set it up so you get them again.

  5. I shall keep my fingers crossed that you will not get the devil's class

  6. Glad they behaved this time around!!

  7. It seems to keep coming up so you might not be able to avoid it. But so glad that they were behaving for you today.

  8. How many more weeks do they have? ;)

    One more where I live…

  9. If this was a novel, you'd get that class nearly every time it needs a sub. By the end of the year, many of the kids will say "Thanks" to you because they like how you treated them well and helped them in class. A few will give you a candy bar or some other kind of gift. It may actually happen. Never know. :-)

  10. As someone who has a hard time with change, I could never do what you do. Hats off to you!

  11. Wow, let's see if you can make it!

  12. I gather your school year is finishing soon because of the comments. I was worried (we still have 27 weeks of the school year to go - I was thinking that might be tough). Good luck!

  13. I don't know; lots of time still left. Can you refuse an assignment?



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