Thursday, May 3, 2018

Lei'd, Part 2

I mentioned the passing out of the leis yesterday. For 3rd period, I got a bunch of them. So, once I had started the class on their assignment and taken roll, I went about distributing them.

The first student to get one was Tyson.

I've had Tyson in class several times. He has not made the blog before as he's not a troublemaker. He's one of the students in the middle--he generally does what he needs to do.

I checked the seating chart to find out where he was. As I approached, I called out his name. He verified that he was Tyson. I reached out to hand him the certificate...

"That's not mine."

Uh oh. Did I have the wrong student? I thought it was Tyson. I turned the certificate towards him, showing his name, to make sure it was the right Tyson. (Not that there was another Tyson in class, but sometimes I misread names and students let me know that the student listed is over there.)

"Are you Tyson?"

"Yeah, but..."

And that's when I got it. So...

"This is yours. Congratulations."

I had three more red leis, two yellow leis, and one multicolored lei to pass out. Then I sat down and got into my class mode.

Tyson's certificate and lei sat at the edge of his desk. He wasn't touching them.

Tyson wasn't expecting a lei. His GPA was 3.0. (It said so on his certificate.) This may have been the first time he'd hit that threshold. Well, it's likely. His surprise at receiving a lei tells me this. It had not occurred to him that he'd made the honor roll.

He did take the certificate and lei with him when he left class. I didn't see him put the lei on. I assume he was adjusting to this new concept.

So, congrats, Tyson. You earned it. You deserve it.


  1. Awww! Hope he eventually put the lei on!

  2. Good for him. He certainly sounds more deserving than some of the kids you wrote about yesterday who teased each other for not getting high enough grades.

  3. Yay for Tyler!! God bless him!

  4. That's funny! Congrats to Tyson!

  5. Congrats to Tyson! I hope he finally believes he did it all on his own. When I was student teacher a very long time ago, I taught a class in which many of the kids were getting bad grades. I thought it was my fault until my supervisor told me this was common in his class as well as in other teachers' classes. So I devised a way for the kids to do extra work to help them get their grades up. One boy managed to bring his D up to a C in one quarter, but he thought it was because I was lenient on him and not that he did it himself. That was an eye opener.

  6. WTG Tyson! I hope it motivates him to continue to work as hard as he can so he can continue to be on the honor roll!


  7. We say congrats but I wonder if he doesn't get bullied outside of class and didn't want others to notice??

    1. Could be. Although, he doesn't seem the type to be bullied. And by that, I mean he fits more with the jock stereotype--into athletics, plays a sport, hangs out with the jocks. This means nothing, of course.

  8. That's an interesting reaction, I remember being the sort of kid that always hated an attention being drawn to me in class, good or bad!

    1. Me too. That's one of the reasons I didn't make a big show of passing these out.


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