Saturday, July 17, 2010

Blog Improvements

I've been working on the blog a bit.  I've changed the background and added a couple things to the sidebars.  I also finally added the followers link, and I'd love to have a few followers (it looks kinda pathetic all alone with no followers).

I mention this in case you see this via the email subscription or on Facebook.  My changes won't be apparent there.  And, if you're seeing this on Facebook, you're probably seeing the rest of my blogs for this week too.  For some reason, Facebook only imports my blogs once a week.  (No, I don't write five posts in a day.)

If you are seeing this elsewhere, feel free to follow the link to the original feed.  (If you're seeing this on Blogger, then the link will take you right back here.)

I'm in the process of updating other things as well.  I just went through and added more recent "Previous Favorites".  If I missed one that you think I should add (or added one you think I shouldn't have), please feel free to tell me.

I hope you like what I've done.  Comments welcome!

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