Saturday, July 24, 2010

Early Exit

I am done with the opportunity assignment even though the teacher has not returned.  There's this thing with teachers laid off becoming subs, and they get first pick of assignments, and...  I'm not going to go into it.  Friday turned out to be my last day.

I spent the day helping the new sub.  Again, long story.

All week I've been battling them about the time that they get off school.  (I outlined the opportunity schedule here.)  They're supposed to get out at about 1 PM.  They know this.  But they want to get out an hour earlier.

Add to this that Friday was not a combined day.  This I explained to them.  More than once.  They complained. Still, I didn't see this coming.

On Thursday, three of them threatened to leave an hour early.  When the bell rang (not their bell, and they know this), they walked out.  I thought Gilberto was gone.  I could not see him anywhere.  I rang the office, and suddenly, he was standing right outside the door.

He got me.  Okay then.  I don't mind that, so long as he didn't leave.

The same bell rang on Friday, and three of them walked out.  Santiago was done with his day, and he was allowed to leave.  However, both Carlos and Gilberto walked out, too.  We called them back, but they ignored us.

The other sub called the office to report them.  She was told to fill out referral forms.  She was also told that she shouldn't have let them leave.

This was very unfair.  It's not like we can lock the door from the inside (the office said to leave the door closed, which it had been).  If two of us couldn't keep the boys in the room, I don't know how a closed door would have helped.  (Sorry, venting.)

Then Diego 2 was called up to the office.  His parents were there to pick him up.  The rest of the class was incensed.  How come they couldn't leave?  I told them if they could get their parents to come and pick them up, then they could leave.

All this made the last hour of the day so much more peaceful.  Only Diego 1 remained to rile up the class.

I'm not going to miss them.  Okay, I might miss them a little.

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