Monday, July 5, 2010

Chilly 4th

It's been way cooler than usual this time of year.  I like it cooler generally, but lately I've been downright cold.  And that's just weird for July.

Yesterday, I went over to my brother's house.  We did the usual barbecue followed by fireworks.

As the sun was going down (even earlier than that) everyone started scrambling for sweaters.  Even me.  This year, I actually brought one (since I remembered last year had been just as unseasonably cool).

It did warm up last summer, so I suspect that it'll warm up eventually.  I hope the overcast stuff goes away before the news people honor their threat to find a rhyme for this, like they did when the June gloom hit May and we got May gray.  I really don't want a rhyme for July.

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