Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dropper Bottle Cozies

I'm a knitter who lives in Southern California.  I don't have much use for real winter wear, so I tend to knit things that will get use around here.  I carry a knitted purse.  The lanyard on my key chain is knit.

I also like to find interesting ways to use knitted items.

bottle cozies

It started when someone (it might have been me) needed to carry around some dropper bottles.  (It was a while ago, so I've forgotten the exact circumstances.)  These dropper bottles contained herbal supplements that were to be added to water or under the tongue at various times during the day.

The problem: the bottles are made of glass, and they clank about in purses or other bags.  While breakage wasn't likely, the clanking was annoying.

dropper bottle with cozy 2

That's when I came up with my solution.  I made a knit/crochet "cozy".  I put one on each bottle, and the clanking around problem was solved.  It also cushioned the thing so that breakage was even less likely.

I don't carry around the bottles that frequently.  There's a good remedy for sore throats.  And then there was the time that I used it specifically for school.

I was covering an 8th grade math class at the beginning of the year.  I was using an overhead.  I didn't have a spray bottle.  But I did have a dropper bottle.

dropper bottle with cozy

I filled the dropper bottle with water.  I put the cozy on it so that it wouldn't accidentally get smashed.  And when it was time to erase the overhead, I would put a bit of water from the dropper onto a paper towel and wipe the glass.

It worked wonderfully.  I liked it better than using a spray bottle.  And the kids were fascinated.

(I have some for sale here, here, here, and here.)

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