Thursday, April 17, 2014

Only One

It's Thursday, so it's time for my weekly random question...

I have the sneaking suspicion I have done this one before as well. But it was in my cache of future posts, so maybe not. Maybe I just think I did it. Anyway...

What if you were the only sentient being in existence, and everything you see around you was a projection meant to keep you sane? That is, what if our world and everyone in it is some sort of computer simulation (for want of a better description) made just to fool you into believing you're not the only real being?

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Nook Knits

I got a nook rather than a Kindle.

(I know, stupid me. But I like my nook. And I've always been a bit weird.)

I love having an ereader. I read all the time. When I first got it, I contemplated buying it a cover. Then I realized that I could just knit one.

First, I made it a "cozy"...

The thing about the nook is that it's a pretty standard size. Most of the mini-tablets and the tablet-type Kindles are about the same size (about 5 inches by 8 inches). So, I then made some for Zizi Rho Designs. Then I published the pattern so knitters could make their own.

But I didn't stop there. Next, I made a pillow to prop the thing up...

And when I posted this picture on Ravelry, the response was so positive I decided to post the pattern as well.

But that pillow was always just the rough draft. I spent some time last year working on a better version, taking the lessons from the first one, and I made...

As I worked on this pattern, I realized that people have full size tablets and smartphones that could use the same treatment, so I sized the pattern up and down...

Today's A to Z Challenge post brought to you by the letter...

I don't have the pillow props made for my shop. I don't think there's really a market for them. What do you think? Should I include them in my shop? Or do you think that those who want one would rather knit it themselves?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


"Wait! Let's not go in until after the bell."

It was the passing period before 6th period. They were gathered outside the door. I could hear snippets of their conversation, and that statement came through loud and clear.

My thought: What is this, a mutiny?

It was a pretty childish stance, but then again, so was the class. Petty and childish, I mean. If they wanted to play it that way...

I hurriedly marked all the empty seats on the seating chart. After the bell rang they all rushed into class.

So, I marked them all tardy.

I'm not sure what they were trying to gain with this. They still attended class. They still had to do the assignment. And now every one of their names was listed for this silly stunt.

Freshmen. Sigh.

Today's A to Z Challenge post brought to you by the letter...

Do you have any idea what they were trying to accomplish? Because I'm totally flummoxed.

Monday, April 14, 2014


Last week was kind of light. I had one day where the students worked quietly all period every period. (It was kind of weird.) I had a second day where there was major drama, but it wasn't happening in class, so I didn't get enough of the story to work it into a blog post. And another day... Well, it came with a M theme, so I'll talk about that tomorrow.

But that leaves me with nothing for today. If this wasn't April, I'd just skip posting altogether. But it is April, and rather than fail the challenge, I'm going to list some of the most frequent lies students tell me.
  • But my teacher lets me...
    • Eat in class.
    • Use my cell phone.
    • Listen to music.
  • My teacher moved me here yesterday. Really, this is my assigned seat. Ignore what the newly written seating chart says.
  • I have an A in this class.
  • I'm getting straight As. (The students who are don't usually feel the need to brag about it.)
  • He's my brother/cousin.
  • She's my sister/cousin.
  • I have to tell/ask him/her something about another class/project.
Then there are the classwork excuses. They have an assignment. They aren't doing it. I remind them that getting it done in class means they don't have to do it later, like at home. But they aren't having that...
  • But I like homework.
  • I don't get enough homework. (I actually left that in a note once for the teacher telling her which student told me this. I ran into the student later. He didn't like the consequences.)
  • My parent(s) won't believe me if I tell him/her/them I don't have homework. (At which point I offer to write a note to this parent stating that the student finished the assignment in class. I have never been taken up on this offer.)
  • I'll finish it at home.
  • It's at home, finished. I'll bring it tomorrow.
  • I'm grounded/the TV's broken/my device was taken away, so I'll be bored at home. I need something to do.
If I had a dollar for every time I've heard one of these, I would never need to work again.

Today's A to Z Challenge post brought to you by the letter...

What lies did you tell your teachers? The subs? Did they believe you?

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Knitting on my Plate

I have this large decorative plate that I keep all my current knitting projects on...

My knitting plate

If we start at the "top" with the bright blue and red, that's an archery target hat in progress. The black ball of yarn just to its right is for the lacy fingerless gloves, a pair I'm doing in black.

The big bit near the "bottom" is going to be a surprise (it's for X). The beige next to it is that cardigan I started ages back. I haven't touched it in weeks.

That final ball of black goes to the archery target hat. It's the next color.

I like to have a few projects going. That way I can switch them up.

Today's A to Z Challenge post brought to you by the letter...

What's on your "plate" (knitting or otherwise)?

Friday, April 11, 2014

Just One of Those Days

It was kind of a rough day. A girl complained to me that the room was too loud and she had trouble concentrating. I could see why...
  • One boy sat at an empty desk. He informed me he had no paper. His neighbors managed to find him a sheet. Then he told me he had no pencil.
  • Another boy (when I approached and asked why he was doing no work) argued that writing was outdated. He should be allowed to do his assignment (in algebra 1) via technology. I agreed that would be best, then I pointed out that until everyone in class had an iPad, they were going to have to continue to use pencil and paper.
  • Two boys (on the other side of the classroom) tried to convince me that they were the smartest students in the class. Even though they were doing no work. And another student informed me that not only did they never do any work, they never even bothered to take notes. 
  • Then in the middle of the room two boys and a girl put their heads together to take a selfie. When I approached the boy who had put the cell phone in his pocket, he acted like he'd never heard the term.
  • Another boy tried to jump over his own leg. And argued with me when I told him not to. (He didn't make the attempt.)
  • Then a girl and boy stepped outside the classroom. The girl needed to "fix her hair". (Outside? In the wind?) The boy needed "fresh air". They argued about returning inside.
  • Finally, a boy "tooted" loudly enough for everyone around him to hear. So, all the students in the vicinity fled. Scattering across the room and a couple even went outside.
Of the 24 students in the class, only four were making progress on the assignment. The rest made excuses.

Freshmen. Sigh.

Today's A to Z Challenge post brought to you by the letter...

Wouldn't math class have been more fun if you could have turned in your assignments via iPad? What excuses did you use to not do your math homework?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Intelligent Life?

It's Thursday, so it's time for my weekly random question...

Actually, I think I may have done this one before. But it's going to take too long to search the archives to make sure. I'm sure it's been a while. And it works for I...

What if we are the most intelligent life in the universe?

Today's A to Z Challenge post brought to you by the letter...