Monday, July 15, 2013


Back in January, I posted pics of the tortoise and hare costumes I made for my soon-to-be-born nephews:

The boys were born April 25th.

I was so ecstatic that it fit. (Then. The boys have grown by leaps and bounds since then.)

So, apologies to Max, the younger of the twins. Although, the hare costume doesn't make him look any less like a boy, does it?


  1. OMG! Those are awesome costumes and cute kids! NO! Max is very definitely a baby - I don't see boy or girl. Just cuteness.

  2. Those are both SUPER cute, and I think the colors are neutral enough that they're definitely "boy." Wow, you are talented.

  3. Oh my gosh that is just TOO cute! You did a GREAT job! Those boys are adorable! And no, it is not too feminine!

  4. Those are DARLING. OMG. I love them. They are seriously cute.


    Sorry, I get like that when I see babies. They are adorable, and Max looks great in his hare costume. Very tough :)

  6. Just gorgeous! what a thrill that they fit! May the precious babes tread lightly upon the earth and may they be welcomed into the beauty that is in the world around us..

  7. So cute! What a clever idea. Those boys are exceptionally adorable you know :)


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