Thursday, July 11, 2013

The End of It All

As I was perusing Flipboard the other night, I ran across an article in the L.A. Times: Mysterious radio bursts in far parts of the universe hint at cataclysm. (Wow, I spelled "cataclysm" right on the first try. Without spellcheck.)

I ignored the article. The headline was the thing that got me thinking...

What if the universe has already started dying? What if it takes a very long time for it all to end? Would it be better to know the end is coming, or would it be better to be surprised by the end of it all?

Yes, the question is a bit twisted, but it opens up all sorts of interesting story possibilities.


  1. I love a good surprise party. So I'm gonna go with "surprise me, oh universe."

  2. I always assumed the universe will end. The sun will explode one day and long after that, the universe will get to the point where the entropy will be at maximum or it will contract again to the point of another Big Bang. Of course, it'll all happen hundreds of billions of years after humans are gone :P.

  3. If we knew the end was coming maybe we'd find a way to avert it or escape it.

  4. An existential question indeed. We know we are going to die, and even while we grow from the moment we are born, part of us is dying. Many of us don't prepare very well for our death...

  5. If it's unavoidable, I'd like to be surprised. I'm fairly content with how I live my life, but I'd hate to see what the "world is ending" would do to people in general.


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