Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Math Team Names

Before my subbing gig last week, I went through my school bag. Every so often I like to go through and clean out the detritus that I seem to collect, and it seemed like that would be a good opportunity to do it. I found a lot of trash and one treasure.

I'm not sure when this was, but I do remember it was a middle school math class, and they were doing review. For the state testing if memory serves. The teacher had them all get into teams, and those teams were in a sort of competition.

The teacher had each team name themselves.

I was going to blog about this at the time, but something more interesting must have happened to push this list from the blog (I don't recall what). But it's the middle of summer, and I found the list.

So, here is a list of some of the team names that these middle schoolers came up with...

  1. The Lakers
    • This is L.A. County. Even in an off year, the Lakers are still popular.
  2. The Mafia
  3. Batota
    • Your guess is as good as mine.
  4. Migrants
  5. The Oranges
  6. White Stripe
  7. The Defs
  8. The Real Ones
  9. The Fries
  10. Chunky Monkey
  11. Team I
  12. Team Pena
  13. Tyweenies
    • A play on the name of one of the students in the group.
  14. Pinkie's
  15. Team Math
  16. Raiders
    • Even after leaving L.A., the locals still like the team. Because, we no longer have football in L.A.
  17. The Eagles
  18. Miss A
  19. The Mail People/Heavenly Smells
    • They changed their name during the period. In fact, I think they did more discussing of what to name themselves than actual math review.
  20. Pen 15
  21. Craycrayhunnybuns
    • Um, uh...
  22. Red Vines
    • I get the feeling they were hungry.
  23. The Natives
  24. Hawaiian Punch
  25. Nameless
    • Another team that spent more time debating names than reviewing math. I guess the first name they came up with was vetoed by the teacher.
  26. Pro Era
  27. Pro Club +1
  28. Wonderland
  29. Rainbow Moonshine
If you have any theories as to the other names, feel free to leave them in the comments. (Because some of them make no sense to me.)  


  1. I'm not sure where they came from, but I like the lack of ingenuity/caring demonstrated by "Team 1." There's a comic who talks about the time that his math class was separated into two teams, and he was on "Team 2." The first team had a cool name like "Fire Eagles" or something, and he was on "Team 2," which they got as a name because the teacher said "What shall we call you, Team 2?" and they said "Yeah, go with that."

    I thought by the rules of caring about sports teams that if a team ever left your area you were to never ever care about them again. Where you live/are born is supposed to determine your team-rooting interest, almost irrevocably, the ONE exception being a team that moves away, which you are then required to hate forever after. Perhaps the Raiders are an exception because they moved there, then back? Or because LA doesn't really care about sports, at all?

    All I know is I live in Wisconsin and people think it's sacrilegious that I don't like the Packers, which isn't ENTIRELY true. I like Clay Matthews and the Coach, but can't stand Aaron Rodgers and hence I root against the team while The Anointed One is on it. Plus Packer fans are the absolute worst people in the world. I hope EVERY Packer game ends in another Worst Call Ever, if only because the sheer number of cheese-and-anger-induced heart attacks will thin out their numbers a bit.

    WOW, this got dark. Sorry.

    1. "I thought by the rules of caring about sports teams that if a team ever left your area you were to never ever care about them again."

      I thought so too. Which is why the number of continuing Raiders fans surprises me.

  2. Clearly the names are important. Chunky Monkey must be for the ice cream flavor. As for the rest...your guess is as good as mine. Hilarious though.

  3. Pro Club +1 makes me think it might be "Pro Choice" or something political like that.

  4. I love getting a snapshot into the psychology of these kids. It's interesting the # that are positively oriented, vs the ones that are negatively oriented. And the random ones? I think those are the best--because there's definitely some reasoning behind them.


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